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Crazy Time
Crazy Time
Evolution Gaming
Crazy Time
Slot Details
RTP96.08%VolatilityHighJackpot25,000x bet
Min. Bet$0.10Max. Bet$5000

Slot Overview
NameCrazy TimeReleasedOctober 2020ProviderEvolution Gaming
PlatformDesktop, Tablet, MobileFeatures5+ Reels, Cash Hunt, Pachinko, Coin Flip, Crazy Time

Evolution Gaming is rapidly establishing itself as the leading provider of live casino games based on game shows. A number of new games were introduced by them, including Dream Catcher, Live Deal or No Deal, Monopoly Live, Live Mega Ball, and Live Crazy Time. Awe-inspiring is this last one since it is so ambitious and willing to take risks. There is also a money wheel in Crazy Time, which was used initially in Dream Catcher. The story has a lot more crazy elements this time around, so the name is appropriate. In addition to Live Crazy Time, Evolution released 11 different games during the fruitful year of 2020, which culminated at ICE 2020. As a leading live casino game provider, we wish to expand our portfolio of lucky wheel games. Their developers clearly possess the creativity to come up with something new.
Crazy Time Live is ridiculously engaging because of its many interactive elements and advanced technology. It is going to be a colorful, wide-open studio with a lot of talkative and entertaining presenters. All of the hosts are dressed like proper entertainers, and the studio design is reminiscent of the circus aesthetic. This is a fantastic place with so much to see and do.

Crazy Time: How to Play?

Throughout the game, the Crazy Time Wheel plays a vital role. Whenever a new round starts, the presenter spins the Crazy Time Wheel. Each time you spin the wheel, your outcome will either be a number - One, Two, Five, or Ten, or you will be able to choose from one of four bonus rounds.
  1. Coin Flip Bonus Round
  2. Cash Hunt Bonus Round
  3. Pachinko Bonus Round
  4. Crazy Time Bonus Round
In the event that the wheel lands on a number, the payout will equal the number multiplied by the amount bet as long as you did not bet more than the limit. If the wheel stops on number two, you will win two times what you staked. With Crazy Time and Cash Hunt, audience participation is required through playing selections. Each Bonus Round has a distinct set of rules and entertainment value. A multiplier of your original bonus bet is awarded as a prize in each bonus round. Each game round is made even more exciting by the possibility of increasing wins by choosing an additional multiplier before the main wheel spins. Bonus Rounds can be very rewarding when the Top Slot multipliers are active.

Crazy Time: Bonus Rounds in a nutshell

According to our explanation, Crazy Time contains four bonus rounds. It is necessary to place a wager on them, and the pointer must land on the appropriate section of the wheel in order to enter them.
  • Coin Flip:
In order to activate this feature, you have four chances. The Flip-o-Matic machine conducts the coin flip. Either a blue or red coin will land on the table when the dealer presses the button. There is a multiplier associated with each colour.
  • Cash Hunt:
Activating this feature will give you two chances. On the screen, multipliers are hidden behind symbols that are shuffled randomly. When you shoot the cannon at a symbol, the multiplier behind the symbol will be revealed.
  • Pachinko:
Two chances will be given to you to trigger this feature. The puck will be dropped into one of 16 drop zones, bounce down towards one of 16 multiplier values, and then land on a multiplier value. The game host drops the puck again as soon as it lands on the "Double" value at the bottom, which in turn doubles the values of all multipliers. The prize pool for this round reaches up to 10,000x.
  • Crazy Time:
For this feature to be activated, you only have one chance. When this feature is triggered, the game host will enter another studio through the red door. The next money wheel has three points; blue, green, and yellow. You must choose one of these points. Whenever your pointer stops on the multiplier, the wheel will stop spinning. Moreover, the wheel is divided into double and triple segments. Your pointer will be upgraded if it lands on those, and the host will spin the wheel once more if it lands on them. This feature allows you to win up to 2,000 times your stake.

Crazy Time: Play Strategies

Crazy Time is a game of chance, in the same way as any other casino game that can be played. While this article provides some tips and strategies for playing Crazy Time, it is primarily a game of chance. In the hope that you will find a few of these tips useful, I hope that they will assist you in playing smarter. With a strategy, you cannot guarantee a victory every time.
The following are three strategies you can use to play this game:
  • Low volatility strategy
Ideally, you want your session to last as long as possible and limit your losses. During wagers, for example, it is often used by players. You can do it this way. There are four bonuses to bet on, along with the 2, 5, and 10. It's a good idea to balance your bets so that if a number falls, you get back the money you bet. As an example, below is a spread bet. In this case, the total bet is 9.80 euros. In case you want to bet more, you can apply this model and double up one or two times.
  • Medium volatility strategy
With this strategy, we are taking a little more risk than we did with our previous strategy. We recommend the following steps to accomplish this. Mini games and the number 2 are both available for betting. What makes 2 different from 5 or 10? It is statistically more likely that the 2 will fall due to its greater presence on the wheel.
  • High volatility strategy
It is likely that you know what to expect from this strategy if you are familiar with the previous two. With this volatile strategy, you are betting on luck and hoping to gain a quick profit. Betting on minigames is the objective here, in a fairly consistent manner. In mini games, you will be rewarded if you play them quickly and hit a good multiplier.
Ensure that your bet corresponds to your current balance in order to maximize your session's longevity. It would be too risky to use the high volatility strategy with a low balance. There is a possibility of losing everything in a blink of an eye.

Crazy Time: RTP

The average RTP in Crazy Time is 95.4%. However, you should keep in mind that RTP can vary depending on the wager you are placing. Based on the following RTP, we can calculate the profit on each bet:
  • 1 - 96.08%
  • 2 - 95.95%
  • 5 - 95.78%
  • 10 - 95.73%
  • Coin Flip - 95.70%
  • Cash Hunt - 95.27%
  • Pachinko - 94.33%
  • Crazy time - 94.41%

Crazy time: What makes it so popular?

Among the most talked-about games of 2020 is Crazy Time. Our goal here is to discuss the best features of the game.
  • Massive Payouts: You could win 20,000x in the Crazy Time round. A modest bet can lead to a small fortune if you play this game correctly.
  • Lots of Action: There are a number of bonus rounds and features in this game. It is improbable that you will get bored while playing Crazy Time online. Playing this game is an action-packed experience.
  • Easy to Play: This game is incredibly easy to play despite the bonus features and extras. Your only responsibility is to place your bets and let the game host handle everything else.

Crazy Time: Pros and Cons

  • There is a huge payout.
  • Chat is available in real time.
  • The gameplay is unique.
  • Bonus games are awesome.
  • The visuals are spectacular.
  • A high degree of volatility.
  • Game with an addictive quality.

Mobile App

Unfortunately, Crazy Time is not a live casino game that can be played in a demo mode, and it can only be played for real money as it is a live casino game. The title, however, is fully compatible with desktops and mobile devices. No other software is required for live streaming; all you need is an internet connection. A live chat function is also included in the game, meaning players are able to interact with other players when they want as well as the game host at all times.


There are four bonus rounds and a base game in Crazy Time, an exciting yet highly volatile live casino title from Evolution Gaming. Due to its combination of live dealer roulette, online slot machines, game shows, and classic Vegas elements, you will be able to play it regardless of the player's pocket size. And it will not end up requiring any special skills on your part since it relies solely upon luck on your part. In combination with its generous RTP, a high volatility score ensures that the casinos' payouts are smaller, more consistent and less likely to be impacted by dead spins than other online slots.


How do you play Crazy Time?
Crazy Time consists of a betting round in which bets are placed on segments of the wheel, such as numbers or bonus rounds. By placing a certain number of bets, you may win between 1:1 and 10:1, or you may trigger one of four bonus rounds.
What was the biggest win on Crazy Time?
In the Cash Hunt bonus round of Crazy Time, the biggest multiplier win so far was 12,500x on Thursday, 20 January 2022. There is, in theory, a possibility of getting a significant multiplier, as high as 20,000x, not through Cash Hunt but through the Crazy Time bonus round.
Is Crazy Time a real money game?
Yes. You can only play Crazy Time by Evolution by signing up for a real money account at an online casino that has the game. There is no demo or free version of the game.
What is the frequency of Crazy Time?
Hit frequency depends upon the bet you make. There is a 38.89% chance of number 1 hitting, 24.07% chance of number 2, 12.96% chance of number 5, and 7.41% chance of number 10. The Crazy Time bonus round boasts a hit rate of 1.85%, while Pachinko & Cash Hunt have 3.7% chances.
What is the RTP of Crazy Time?
A Crazy Time bet with a number 1 bet has an RTP of 96.08%, while a Crazy Time bonus round bet has an RTP of 94.41%. There is an average payout of 95.41 % for all individual bets that have been placed.
When should I bet on Crazy Time?
Your odds of hitting a big win would be improved by betting on all spins of the Crazy Time wheel, implementing an optimal strategy to increase your chances of landing a big win while ensuring you receive plenty of small wins to keep you interested. There will be no advantage to waiting for the right time to place a bet on Crazy Time.
What is special about Evolution Crazy Time?
In Crazy Time, four Bonus Rounds offer the potential for hefty payouts based on the Dream Catcher entertainment game.
What is the frequency of Bonus Rounds?
The average no. of spins required for a bonus round to appear is six, although it can take up to 30 spins for it to appear.
What places do I have access to Crazy Time?
There are several Evolution Live Casinos around the world where you can play this game.
Can Crazy Time be played with a strategy?
Yes. When playing Crazy Time, there are strategies to follow. In addition to your bankroll, you will also need to consider your attitude toward risk and reward, as well as your past experiences.
What is my chance of winning?
The win potential is enormous for this game. Multipliers for Pachinko can reach 10,000x, while Crazy Time can pay 20,000x. With a Top Slot multiplier boost of 50x, 100,000x is possible!