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Lightning Dice
Lightning Dice
Evolution Gaming
Lightning Dice
Slot Details
RTP96.21%VolatilityLowJackpot1000x bet
Min. Bet$0.2Max. Bet$2000

Slot Overview
NameLightning DiceReleasedApril 2019ProviderEvolution Gaming
PlatformDesktop, Tablet, MobileFeatures5+ Reels

Live casino gaming is an area where Evolution Gaming is a world leader. This company is continually introducing some of the most innovative game offerings to the market for play through live streaming either on your desktop or mobile device. As we know, this company has a habit of pushing the boundaries of live dealer gaming and is well known for creating world-class games that are beyond compare. Likewise, Lightning Dice does not disappoint. It is a unique dice game offering a unique mechanic of rolling the dice with the bonus of Lightning Multiplier bonuses, which can provide you with a chance to win up to 1,000 times what you wager on each throw of the dice. When casino lovers heard that Evolution Gaming had developed a unique dice game that would appeal to their interests, they could not wait to play it. As players greatly enjoy dice games, such a game would be inevitable for these players to find themselves loading £100 into an account at a casino to play Lightning Dice.
Here I am writing the review about Lightning Dice. Here you will find information about the theme, how it works, strategy, tips, and my own thoughts about it. Here we go for the Lightning Dice review.

Lightning Dice: Theme & Graphics

It is Evolution Gaming that has dominated the Live Casino market for years, bringing out new and unique games every day. They have recently introduced Lightning Dice, which is one of their most recent creations. Players who enjoy table games, as well as those who enjoy bingo and slot machines, will find the game appealing. There is a unique maze-like structure in the middle of the room in which the game is played live, dedicated exclusively to the game. You will be kept company while the host/dealer pulls the lever and places the three dice at the top of the structure, and during all this, he will entertain you while doing all the work for you.
A relatively warm and electrifying atmosphere is created by the visuals of the game, which are crisp and clean. In the background, you will hear pleasant tunes, lightning sounds, regular casino sounds, and the host talking. The experience will leave you feeling as if you have stepped into an extremely exciting game show where you can win huge prizes.

Lightning Dice: How to Play?

Despite its simplicity, this game is very appealing. All you have to remember is a few simple steps, and everything works as it should. Lightning Dice can be played as follows:
  • Choose a game from your favourite live casino and enter a cool-looking black and gold studio. Throughout the game, everything is coordinated with this colour scheme, including the background and the attire of the dealers. A golden hue is even created by the lights inside the dice tower.
  • On the screen, a digital game board appeared with various numbers. In total, there were 16 participants. Whenever a number was a winner, it was assigned a multiplier, which indicated the amount of the win. Upon your first attempt, you can select three numbers with decent multipliers.
  • Several numbers on the game board were struck by lightning as the betting window closed. As a result, the multipliers associated with these numbers increased significantly. The numbers were lucky enough to be picked.
  • A handle was pulled by the dealer in order to release the three dice. A series of rattles and rolls were heard throughout the transparent tower. When they reached the bottom, the camera angle changed to offer a close-up view of the journey through the tower and the total amount they had collected.
  • You can win a multiplier on your first attempt as well. There is a very high probability of that happening. Your results cannot be replicated by anyone else.
  • Upon winning, your winnings will be displayed on the screen, and a new round of betting will begin before the entire process is repeated.

The thrilling nature of the game cannot be denied by players. You will probably enjoy this much simpler game if you enjoy dice games such as craps or sic bo. You can expect decent payouts. Depending on the number you bet on, you may receive anywhere from 5x to 1,000x your stake.

Lightning Dice: Tips & Strategies

You will likely succeed playing Lightning Dice largely due to luck, but you can improve your chances of success by employing a few tips and strategies. Our recommendation is to also develop your own betting strategy according to your budget and betting style. When playing Lightning Dice, one thing to remember is that each multiplier applies to a specific range of numbers. Thus, if you do not stake a large amount of money, your chances of winning a large prize are limited to numbers such as 3, 4, 17 and 18. 
Here are some of our favourite Lightning Dice tips and betting strategies:
  •  Go high or low
Most likely, you will receive either a low number (3-9) or a high number (12-18). You will be able to win about half the time you play if you either place one of the above two bets to cover most of the possible outcomes.
  •  Always play it safe
You can bet on numbers 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 or 13. In order to break even, you will need only to hit one of these numbers every seven rounds of a game. If, however, you are able to hit them more frequently, you will be able to earn a decent income. 
  •  Aim high & hit the target
The numbers 3 and 18 are two numbers on which you can place a small bet. In spite of its low probability, these numbers are the only way to win 1,000 times your stake.
  •  Don't ever "bet all"
Choosing all the possible numbers at once is a poor strategy that will only drain your bank account even if you keep winning. If you bet on all 18 numbers, it will cost you more in the long run than what you will win in the end because of the extra bets you need to place. When you get a few big lightning numbers, you might make good money using this strategy temporarily, but eventually, you will lose everything you have invested.
  •  Be diversified
You should make a division between common and rare numbers when placing your bets. Place a wager on the number 10 or 11 and then a wager on the number 3 or 18. In this manner, you have an 8 percent chance of winning your first bet, which will pay out 5 times, and a 15 percent chance of winning your second bet, which will pay out at least 150 times.

Lightning Dice: Payout

Below is a complete list of Lightning Dice bets and their payouts. It is worth mentioning that these Lightning Dice odds are not fixed. In essence, the base payout is the smallest, but multiplying it can result in a large increase. There are generally 50x increments in the table below, which represents the full range of possibilities.

Bet                    Payout
Evolution Lightning Dice Payouts

3 &18                149 - 999:1
4 & 17                49 - 499:1
5 & 16                24 - 249:1
6 & 15                14 - 99:1
7 & 14                9 - 99:1
8 & 13                6 - 49:1
9 & 12                5 - 49:1
10 & 11                4 - 49:1

The number of outcomes can, however, not be multiplied by the same amount for all outcomes. Generally, riskier bets will generate higher payouts when multiplied. As you can see on the Lightning Dice payout table, safe options like 10 or 11 can only be multiplied by x50. In total, these returns offer a 96.21% return on investment.

Lightning Dice: RTP & Volatility

If you place a bet on 3 or 18, the best possible return to player (RTP) that you can achieve will be 96.21%. In terms of the rest of the total bets, the game is averaging between 96.03 - 96.21 % RTP.

Lightning Dice: Pros & Cons

  • Game Software by Evolution Gaming
  • A welcome bonus on your first deposit
  • The minimum Bet on Lightning Dice is INR 20
  • Max. Multiplier is 1000x
  • Without multipliers, a player can earn 5x to 150x
  • Payouts are extra high with Lightning Strikes
  • 3 and the 18 are very rare

Mobile App

There is no doubt that Evolution Gaming's Lightning Dice is one of the best live casino dice games you will ever play. On desktops, tablets, and smartphones, the game's crisp and clear graphics and amazing user interface make it an extremely enjoyable experience. In the event that you have to hit the road, you can still access your casino account and play Lightning Dice on your mobile device.


A random multiplier is a great hook to get people interested because that's how it gets people playing. It's unfortunate that Lightning dice do not have an equal chance of getting the big multipliers as Lightning Roulette. As a matter of fact, the chances of hitting a 1000x win are very small, and I believe that it would not be a wise bet in my opinion. Bets with the highest value are 8,9,10,11,12 & 13. It is possible to turn over your bankroll several times by winning on these unless you have a very bad luck streak. These are the numbers you should stick to. It looks great at first glance, but you may have difficulty bringing the different elements into focus because of the monochrome effect. The studio look should look fantastic, but you may not like it for some reason. As for the game itself, you may think that you won't play it again unless there is a good bonus going on somewhere where you can get a good deal on live lightning dice. Alternatively, Super Sic Bo or Sic Bo Deluxe may be of greater benefit. In comparison to Lightning Roulette, this is a unique game and does not achieve the same level of excitement.


How does Lightning Dice work?
A game of Lightning Dice is basically a simplified version of Sic Bo that involves rolling three dice and betting on the total of those three dice. If you roll three dice with the same total, you win. It is derived from multipliers that are assigned to the bet totals that cause the lightning bit to appear. There is a maximum multiplier of 1,000 times possible.
Where can I play Live Lightning Dice?
There are several Evolution Casinos where you can play Lightning Dice.
What is the difficulty level of Lightning Dice?
Lightning Dice is a game where no real skill is required. The player needs to decide on what the total will be when the three dice are added together. Rolling the dice involves placing them in an elaborate perspex tower and letting them cascade to the bottom, where they settle.
What is the RTP for the Lightning Dice?
With Lightning Dice, the RTP ranges from 96.03 to 96.21 percent. Blackjack returns 99,50% and Roulette 97.30%, respectively.
Is there a Betting Strategy For Lightning Dice?
When it comes to lightning dice, there are a few ways to play. Using my playing strategies, you can manage your bankroll and increase your odds. Find out how to play Lighting Dice with my Strategies.
What is the best way to win at Lightning Dice?
It is possible to win while you wait for the big multiplier win by adopting a strategy that keeps your bankroll in motion. You can help yourself with this by using a number of strategies.
What is the Top Payout for Lightning Dice?
Lightning Dice has a top payout of 1000x. This multiplier is only available on Total Bets of 3 and 18, which is three ones or three sixes. The next two biggest are 4 and 17 with 500x.