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Live Baccarat VIP
Live Baccarat VIP
Evolution Gaming
Live Baccarat VIP
Slot Details
paylinesCluster PaysReels6Rows5
Min. Bet$10Max. Bet$10000

Slot Overview
NameLive Baccarat VIPReleasedInvalid Date NaNProviderEvolution Gaming
PlatformDesktop, Tablet, MobileFeatures5+ Reels

A top-quality online baccarat experience is offered by Baccarat VIP in the form of a big betting limit that is specifically designed to meet the requirements of high rollers and VIP players. There is a wonderful visual aspect to the game, as well as sound effects that add to the immersive experience, making it one of the best online games for baccarat players. There is nothing quite like baccarat VIP, a well-designed and high-quality online baccarat variant developed by NetEnt. That is a world-class provider of casino software, which has been developing casino games since 1996, showcasing some of the most elegant graphics and animations in the industry. In addition to providing a realistic online gaming experience, Baccarat VIP offers higher betting options that will appeal to high rollers and VIP players. Despite the fact that the game rules are still the same as in regular baccarat, it is still a sophisticated version of the game without any additional side bets.

Baccarat VIP: Theme & Graphics

The Evolution Gaming company masters the art of creating authentic live casino games that emulate the feel of a real casino. It is true that you are unable to touch or feel the table, but everything you see appears to be authentic. As you enter the beautiful golden casino room, you are welcome to play this table game. In contrast to the soft golden colours in the room, the lush green table felt stands out perfectly. You'll feel like a true VIP when you play Live Baccarat VIP! You will be assisted by the dealer throughout your gameplay and asked to place your wagers. It will be accompanied by a smooth soundtrack that will provide you with that relaxing feeling you want. Adding to the sense of a busy casino floor, the ambient sounds add a sense of the hustle and bustle. In case you are a high stakes player seeking a game that allows you to feel important, then Live Baccarat VIP is the game for you. With its golden room design, the beautifully lit lush green tables, and the clear sounds, Live Baccarat VIP makes you feel special. A clearly displayed interface allows you to view your betting limits, betting bays, and any necessary controls. You can always see the cards clearly in front of you, and they are easy to read.

Baccarat VIP: How to Play?

Placing a wager is as straightforward as it gets, with the chips placed on the betting positions closest to you representing the wagers you are making on the player. In contrast, the chips placed on the other two betting positions represent the wagers you are placing on the Banker and the Tie. As a result, there are seven different chip sizes that are available for you to choose from when determining your stake value. At the upper right corner of the screen, you will find a small history panel. This panel allows you to view previous outcomes using a standard road map that displays previous outcomes. There are some players who use these tracing indicators to make predictions regarding the outcome of future hands. With the options panel found to the right of the casino chips, you are able to toggle two camera views, as well as chat, help, sound, settings, and full-screen options, all of which can be accessed via the options panel. The 'Place your bets' sign needs to be active to place a bet, and the Confirm, Clear, and Rebit icons are also present to speed up the process of placing a bet. There are no particularly complicated rules to live online baccarat; other than that, and it's just a simple game of baccarat. If a card pile gets close to 9, it wins. Cards ten and up are counted as zero, while aces are considered one. If a pile has a value between 0 and 5 after the initial two cards are drawn, a third card is drawn. There is always a slight edge to the Banker side when it comes to third cards. There is a 5% commission on all banker bets, therefore.
It is likely that the rounds will be a bit slower than they would be if you were playing at another table, depending on what the highest stake player is doing. As you know, it takes time to squeeze and peek at the cards, after all. There's still no need to rush when it comes to this table. Take a break and let the VIP treatment take care of you.

Tips for VIP Baccarat

  • As opposed to Speed Baccarat, this game has an entirely different concept. It is for players who want to play methodically and slowly with high stakes at the VIP table. There is probably little benefit in developing stake plans and other similar strategies for playing baccarat.
  • Among the live baccarat games, VIP Baccarat side bets payout at a higher level than other live baccarat side bets. If you know what you're doing, they are worth your time even though they don't have as high an RTP as player/banker bets.

Baccarat VIP: Features

It features a number of impressive features, such as a peaking option, turbo mode, and customisable settings. All or any can be used as you wish. You can simply start betting if you want to jump in. The game also has mobile-friendly settings if you wish to take advantage of everything it offers. We have listed some of Baccarat Evolution VIP's best features here so you can decide which is right for you:
  • Turbo Mode
If you switch to turbo mode, the cards are dealt approximately 50% faster than if you were in standard mode. If you disable the manual turn feature, you will be able to speed up things even more. You will receive cards that are automatically flipped over this way.
  • Manual Peak / Auto Reveal
Baccarat VIP supports mobile devices, including iOS and Android, so you can use a combination of taps and swipes to control the game. If you are not comfortable flipping over cards manually, you can peek at them before flipping them over. If you would only like to view the results, you can press the "reveal" button, and the cards will automatically turn over.
  • Customise Your Experience
In addition to Baccarat VIP's excellent gameplay, its settings menu makes it one of the top online and mobile casino games available. You can choose between light, dark, or standard modes of viewing the game. Also, you can control the number of hands between each bet and the amount of time between each bet. By maintaining this level of control, you are able to enjoy your gaming experience more and play responsibly at the same time.

Baccarat VIP: Payout

With its industry-standard payouts, VIP Baccarat by Playtech maintains an impressive RTP rate. The main bets are similar to those you would find in a good live dealer baccarat game, which is a positive development. However, it is usually the side bets where the house edge becomes uncontrollable. There is a similar situation here as well, with most side bets providing a return on investment of less than 90%. Large and Small are the biggest exceptions, both of which hover at 95-96%. It is also recommended to avoid betting on ties because of the 85.64% probability of a tie. RTP. It's likely that you are familiar with this issue with baccarat side bets since this game is intended for experienced baccarat lovers.
Here are the payouts for Baccarat Evolution VIP when it comes to winning:
  • A banker wager pays out 1:1 (or 1X your wager)
  • A player is entitled to a 1:1 return (i.e. 1X their wager)
  • If there is a tie, your bet will be returned at 8:1 (or 8X your stake).
The result of a push occurs when both hands have identical scores, and you have not staked on a tie. Your stake is credited back to your account, and a new round will begin. It is the payout areas of Baccarat Evolution VIP that you will enjoy most, particularly if you are a novice. This table employs a colour coding system instead of boring bet boxes.
  • When a bet wins, the betting area turns green.
  • When a bet loses, the betting area turns black.
  • Whenever a push bet is placed, the betting area will turn brown.
  • In the absence of a bet, the outcome is grey.
When playing Baccarat Evolution VIP on your mobile device, this neat feature makes it easy to see the result at a glance.


Baccarat VIP: RTP

Playing this game will give you a return on investment of 98.94%. There is no doubt that you will be able to experience a full gaming experience on the mobile device of your choice as well. If new players want to enjoy this game as designed, they may need a large wallet to reach its full potential. Each hand of this game requires a minimum bet of €1000 and a maximum bet of €10,000.

Baccarat VIP: Pros & Cons

  • The ability to play table games with live dealers in real time.
  • An advanced technology platform has been implemented.
  • A live chat feature is available.
  • There are additional bonuses available.
  • Live Games can be Slow
  • Live Dealer Table Capacity
  • Chances of Technical Errors

Mobile App

When it comes to high stakes games, Live Baccarat VIP from Evolution Gaming is unmatched. Bets and payouts remain the same on all devices, and the gameplay is smooth on all devices. The beautiful graphics of this high-stakes baccarat game make it easy for players from around the world to play anytime, anywhere.


VIP Baccarat does not require you to be a high roller in order to play, but it has been designed specifically for this elite group of online gamers, and that is evident from the moment you take the first step towards playing the game. VIP Baccarat is a popular game among gamers that tend to wager large amounts of money on a regular basis due to its high betting limits and special advantage given to the high-staking players. This makes VIP Baccarat extremely popular among gamers who play with high wagering limits. You may find this title easy to recommend if you think that describes you. As far as I am concerned, anyone who is looking for a live table baccarat game of their choice can play this one and enjoy themselves immensely.
However, there are a wide variety of Playtech tables available, so make sure not to miss out on one that might be of particular interest to you. Despite this, I believe that this is considered a well-produced and satisfactory live dealer baccarat game on its own.


Can you download Playtech VIP Baccarat?
Not at all. Neither is there a need to do so. VIP Baccarat by Playtech can be played directly in your browser - you do not need to download anything.
Is Playtech VIP Baccarat legit?
Absolutely. A highly respected company with multiple licenses in the online gambling industry, Playtech is one of the biggest names in the industry. A third-party authority vetting all of their games ensures fairness and transparency. It is important to remember that a casino always has a small advantage over the player since that is how casino games work.
Which are the best places to play VIP Baccarat by Playtech?
There are several online Casinos where you can play VIP Baccarat too.
In VIP Baccarat by Playtech, what is the best strategy?
Don't be afraid to bet big, and think carefully about each move you make. The game does not have any distinct differences from any other live casino baccarat title besides its high limits. There are many baccarat strategies that you can use to increase your chances of winning, which you can read more about here.
Is it possible to play VIP Baccarat on a mobile device?
Yes. The VIP baccarat game has been designed to be played on the go using mobile devices, like all Playtech casino games, live or otherwise.