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Live Double Ball Roulette
Live Double Ball Roulette
Evolution Gaming
Live Double Ball Roulette
Slot Details
Min. Bet$0.25Max. Bet$2000

Slot Overview
NameLive Double Ball RouletteReleasedMarch 2018ProviderEvolution Gaming
PlatformDesktop, Tablet, MobileFeatures5+ Reels

Evolution Gaming has developed a world-first version of Double Ball Roulette. Evolution Gaming launched its unique Live Double Ball Roulette game in May 2016, which caused quite a stir in the online gambling community. Other software companies do not offer this type of live dealer casino game. There are a few games out there that are as exciting as Double Ball Roulette, which plays out live before your eyes and gives you the chance to win twice in one spin. Live dealers come to your screen at regular intervals to provide you with all the excitement of the game while they take turns to do so. The advantage of this roulette variant is that it uses two balls instead of one; therefore, the probability of winning inside bets is doubled, while the probability of winning outside bets is halved. Live Double Ball Roulette has proven to be an appealing game to players worldwide due to its appropriately adjusted payouts, of which the highest is a mouth-watering 1300:1. There are multiple camera views available on the game screen, a live HD feed of the action as well as mechanically launched balls that play a part in the game. Those who appreciate creative live dealer roulette solutions will find it to be a true gift.
A premium roulette game has been developed by Evolution Gaming in collaboration with Games Marketing. It will be possible to interact with your live dealer through your computer screen whilst you are seated at the table. Once you have placed your wagers, the dealer will start the game and determine which outcome is to be the winning one. Casino-like atmosphere makes you feel like you're in a real establishment.

Double Ball Roulette: Theme and Graphics

As one of the world's first live dealer table games providers, Evolution keeps delivering new and exciting experiences for its players every time it creates a new and exciting game. The Live Double Ball Roulette game is no exception. If you are looking forward to diving into what this game has to offer, you will be pleasantly surprised. You are invited to enjoy the game from a comfortable studio, in which you will be guided by a trained dealer through the playing process, all while enjoying your view of the action through HD cameras that are positioned to capture the action as it unfolds. Your chances of winning exciting games could depend on the balls you observe. There is little difference between this version of live roulette and any other version of a live rendition of the game other than the fact that there are two balls being rolled at the same time. There are no other significant differences between the layout of the game board and the betting table aside from that.

Double Ball Roulette: How to Play?

As opposed to other roulette games, Live Double Ball Roulette comes with a slightly different set of rules along with different options for betting. Thus, it is imperative that players become familiar with their options and betting limits. It is pertinent to note that the main difference in this game lies in the fact that there are two balls instead of just one, which changes how a player can win.
  • A winning inside bet requires at least one ball to land on the correct number; a winning outside bet requires both balls to land on the correct area. Consequently, the first bets have better chances of winning, and the second bets have a decreased chance of winning.
  • As an additional bonus, two gold bets are available that allow players to wager on whether the two balls will land on the same number or on a certain number; these bets are accompanied by respective payout ratios of 35:1 and 1300:1, depending on their size.
  • As a result of this, the gameplay is very similar to that of any other roulette game, apart from the bonus round. Within the limits of the table, players have approximately a minute to place at least one bet. Next, the live dealer presses the button that launches the balls, and once they are released, the game begins.

Double Ball Roulette: Rules

Throughout the course of this article, I am going to take a closer look at the live dealer Double Ball Roulette game offered by Evolution, which utilizes a single-zero wheel and is the only live dealer version available online. There are several casinos that offer Evolution's live dealer software, and it can be found at selected casinos. However, there are automated versions of the game available, both in double-zero wheel formats as well as single-zero wheel formats. I do not feel overconfident when I say that the Evolution product is by far the best one there is.
We are going to break down the most important things about this game here:
  • It is common to use a single-zero European wheel.
  • The layout is similar to conventional roulette in most respects.
  • The game uses two balls simultaneously.
  • The outside bets must be successful on both balls in order to win.
  • A successful wager on either ball is required for the inside bet to win, and if both balls are successful, then the win is multiplied by two.
  • If you wish to win with a Jackpot bet, both balls must land on the same number that you have selected.
  • The normal bets will pay 60% of the standard roulette payouts - because two balls are in play since there are two balls in play. Every time you spin the wheel, you have two chances to win.

Double Ball Roulette: Payouts

The rules of Double Ball roulette are generally similar to those of European roulette. A wheel is characterized by the numbers 1-36 and zero. This version of roulette is played with two balls that are fired simultaneously by the machine into the wheel, unlike standard live roulette. Playing this game involves guessing the numbers on which the balls will land. There is a twofold chance for a correct bet when you bet on two balls. There are big payouts to be had in the event that both balls land on the same number. It affects the payout ratio and the odds of winning while the chances of winning are higher. When compared to an ordinary roulette table, inside bets pay out less, while outside bets pay out more. On top of that, the payouts for inside bets are less, too.
As far as Inside Bets are concerned, they pay out as follows:

BET TYPE                                          PAYOUT
Straight Up                                          17:1
Split                                                      8:1
Street                                                   5:1
Corner                                                 3.5:1
Line                                                      2:1

There are various types of bets that pay the same as inside bets, such as Orphelins or Voisins.
As far as Outside Bets are concerned, they pay out as follows:

BET TYPE                                          PAYOUT
Column                                                8:1
Dozen                                                  8:1
Red                                                     3:1
Black                                                  3:1
Red/Black                                           1:1
Even                                                    3:1
Odd                                                      3:1
Low (1-18)                                           3:1
High (19-36)                                        3:1
Two balls on any number                    35:1
Two balls on selected number            1300:1

Double Ball Roulette: Pros and Cons

The same as any other casino game, Double Ball Roulette also has its own set of pros and cons. Among its finest qualities, we believe the graphics, the RTP, and the variety of features that it offers are among its finest qualities. A number of other positive characteristics of the game include its mobile compatibility and its double ball feature. In my opinion, it is truly an excellent online roulette variation, and it is definitely worth a try.
  • It has a double ball feature that you can use.
  • A high-quality graphic interface is one of the benefits.
  • Software Developer with great skills.
  • An awesome return on investment.
  • User-friendly on mobile devices.
  • There are multiple features available.
  • Special effects are not present.
  • For beginners, this is not recommended.

Mobile App:

Since this casino game was released in 2016, it is surprising that there is no mobile version available as of now. It is disappointing that you are not able to play live roulette on your mobile device, but fortunately, there are plenty of other live roulette games that you are able to play instead.


In 2016, Evolution launched a version of Double Ball Roulette online following its great success in land-based casinos. Several different types of live games are now legal in South Africa, so you can now also take part in one of the most popular table games ever, which is being reimagined in a refreshing new way. With Double Ball Roulette, you get twice the action and twice the fun! There are a wide variety of bets available in this game, and the odds reach up to 1300:1. Evolution's Double Ball Roulette is sure to please those who enjoy fast roulette gameplay with more winning chances per spin. Double Ball Roulette is compatible with all devices, as are all live Evolution games. The same seamless gameplay and fantastic atmosphere can be enjoyed on your desktop, laptop, or smartphone when you are playing at home or on the move. There is an eye-catching studio design, and the background changes regularly. We have seen a theme related to astronomy as well as a background depicting the Las Vegas strip, of course. By playing roulette in this manner, you are given the impression that you are playing in Las Vegas itself.
Among the many exciting variations of live roulette, Double Ball Roulette is one of the most popular. There are a lot of other Evolution online roulette variants that we have reviewed, which you can access easily from the live games section of our website.


How to play Double Ball Roulette?
You can place a variety of bets at Double Ball Roulette, as we explained in our review. There are also numerous gaming factors associated with this variation that optimize payout rates. Although the game follows the rules of European Roulette, the double ball features are what strongly differentiate this variation in terms of gameplay.
What is the RTP of Double Ball Roulette?
There are many good things about Double Ball Roulette, including the RTP percentage. This is an impressive figure of 97.30%. As a result, gamblers will have a higher chance of keeping their winnings when playing this Felt Gaming creation. If you are choosing a game, consider this factor.
Which are the best online casinos for Double Ball Roulette?
For 2022, the best Double Ball Roulette casinos were carefully selected after evaluating several online casinos in the UK. The best operators are add website, Party Casino, Grosvenor Casino, Casino Cruise, and William Hill. You can find interesting games and generous bonuses at all of these regulated and reliable online casinos.
Why is Double Ball Roulette so popular?
Among online gaming platforms, Double Ball Roulette is a very popular variation of roulette. Its features are similar to Classic Roulette, but the double ball feature makes the gameplay unique. Players like this game because it has all of the features of Classic Roulette but with more interesting gameplay. As a result, the game has an attractive overall appearance.
For real money, where can I play Double Ball Roulette?
The best Double Ball Roulette casino is added website. A number of table games are available, along with a wide array of safe payment methods, generous bonuses, and a mobile application. There are countless advantages to this game, so roulette enthusiasts should definitely check it out.
How does Double Ball Roulette work?
Double Ball Roulette has the advantage of using two balls during gameplay. The Double Ball Roulette demo will give you an idea of how things work in the game. Furthermore, you can gain a better understanding of the game by playing the demo.
How to win Double Ball Roulette?
Due to the higher number of combinations in Double Ball Roulette, your chances of winning are certainly higher. As with other variations of roulette, it remains a game of chance. Yet, it is evident that there are good chances of winning in Double Ball Roulette. There are also slightly higher payout rates.