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Monopoly Live
Monopoly Live
Evolution Gaming
Monopoly Live
Slot Details
RTP96.23%VolatilityLowJackpot500x bet
Min. Bet$0.1Max. Bet$2500

Slot Overview
NameMonopoly LiveReleasedInvalid Date NaNProviderEvolution Gaming
PlatformDesktop, Tablet, Mobile

There is no better way to enjoy the fun of Monopoly than to combine it with the thrill of live gambling. A host runs Monopoly Live via a live chat room and spins the wheel. Thus, you can bet on which section of the wheel will settle at the top of the wheel after it has been spun. Various bets are available, and bonus rounds are unlocked in particular sections. If you win, the hosts will let you know! They are always available for advice!

The 9 Steps to Playing Monopoly Live:

Listed below are some quick instructions on how to play Monopoly Live. Right after that, you'll find the complete game guide. 

Step 1: Launch the game

The first step is to sign up at an online casino that offers the game and make a deposit. Once the game is accessible, simply open it up. 

Step 2: Place your wagers/bets

You can place bets on six different outcomes. A Monopoly board game bonus is triggered by two bonus numbers and one bonus position that pays out 1 - 10 times your stake.

Step 3: Spin the wheel

In the next step, the host of the game will spin the wheel, which contains all the numbers, and the bonus positions, along with two additional orange chance card areas.

Step 4: Stops at a number

A cash prize will be paid if your bet was on the number that the wheel stopped at. A prize is awarded according to the payout value of the number; 1x, 2x, 5x or 10x.

Step 5: Stops at a chance

Depending on your total bets, a chance card will either award you a cash prize or add a win multiplier to the next spin. Multipliers can increase payouts by as much as ten times.

Step 6: Stops at a roll

It's up to the wheel! A monopoly board bonus will trigger the game's highlight - it's the game's big highlight. There are two or four dice rolls you can choose from when playing the bonus.

Step 7: The bonus game

The bonus feature involves collecting cash prizes from properties and avoiding fees and other bad positions on the board. A property that has been in existence for a longer period of time will typically pay more. The position of a chance card and the contents of the community chest are also sources of winnings.

Step 8: Rolling the dice

The bonus board will determine how far you move. The maximum number of positions you can move is 12, and the minimum is 2. Upon rolling doubles, you get to roll again, and upon passing go from properties, you double all new cash prizes collected.

Step 9: Get your rewards

You will receive the cash value of a property when you land on it. Multipliers are used to multiply the stake on the bonus position (2 rolls or 4 rolls). Prior to the bonus game, if you hit a chance multiplier, this multiplier will be credited as an additional bonus.


Goals for the Game:

It is not required to place a bet on a specific position when playing Monopoly Live;

  • The goal is simply to have the money wheel stop at the position where you have placed a wager. It is the key to winning. As a result, there's a great deal more depth to it. 
  • As in Monopoly, this game aims to trigger a bonus that triggers a bonus round. You can make a lot of money here. Nevertheless, it does not end here. 
  • An ultimate goal of Monopoly live shows: A win multiplier can boost your payouts if the wheel stops at a chance position in Monopoly Live. A wealth of opportunities awaits here.


Monopoly Live: Three Different Strategies

A couple of different Monopoly Live strategies have emerged based on the varying volatility levels and RTP. Below are three of the most common:  

Strategy 1: Average Joe Strategy (Bet on 2, 10, 2 Rolls, and 4 Rolls)

It is the most widely used strategy worldwide in Indian casinos and lives casino rooms. As a result, the RTP of the game is maximized, while the board game bonus offers a tremendous amount of potential. There is a bit of volatility, but you will win very often since 2 are included. To give you an idea, here's an example:

  • Bet ₹30 on number 2 (pays ₹90 if you win)
  • Bet ₹10 on number 10 (pays ₹110 if you win)
  • Bet ₹20 on 2 roll bonus
  • Bet ₹20 on 4 roll bonus

This example involves a total bet of ₹80. It's very likely that you will make a profit if number 2 or 10 hits, and it's also very likely if the bonus game is triggered.

Strategy 2: Chance Card Strategy (Bet on Everything)

If you bet on everything, you heavily depend on hitting the chance card or bonus game. Choosing numbers in such a manner that you will win from every single one is impossible. There will always be a loss in one or more of them. It may sound like an ineffective strategy, and we cannot recommend it because the RTP is the lowest. As opposed to the other two strategies, you'll benefit when the multiplier of the chance card hits, so you're guaranteed to benefit from it. Its strength lies in this.  

Strategy 3: Lady Luck Strategy (Bet on 2 Rolls and 4 Rolls)

There is only one way to profit from this strategy, through the bonus game, which is obviously very volatile. You will rarely benefit from the chance cards because the numbers mean nothing. It's cool, but why use it? It's simply because you can spend more of your bankroll on bonuses. The best way to win the most money is to get lucky and hit the bonus. As for the RTP, it is decent as well.


Monopoly's User Interface:

Besides strategies, the money wheel, and bonus features, Monopoly Live has more to offer. Live casino games offer a shared experience between Indian players and online gamblers worldwide. As a player, you can communicate with other players through a chat feature and with the game host who initiates every spin. Monopoly Live is created by Evolution Gaming - and the game hosts are chosen for their energy and quick response to chat messages. The company makes a great deal of effort to entertain its players. If you play Monopoly Live, you will also be able to see how much each player has won during each round of the game. Although you might not think it matters, it does add to the sense that the game is a social one that is played with others.


Pros and Cons of Monopoly

A monopoly can corner the market in modern economics, which is generally considered a negative development. Consequently, monopolistic businesses can charge whatever they like because people must pay that price to obtain their goods or services. However, monopolies can also offer specific advantages to consumers in certain circumstances. Considering the pros and cons of monopolies, here are a few key points to keep in mind.


  • High profits benefit investors and local communities.

A monopolistic business can achieve high profits without competition, laying the groundwork for future capital investments. Ultimately, this will improve standards, reduce consumer costs, and create new products. This can be a huge advantage in fast-paced technological industries. It can be a huge advantage in fast-paced technological industries.

  • Scale economies change.

Monopolies allow businesses to produce more goods or services. By offering or producing more goods, prices can be lowered internally. More goods can lower internal prices. Lower internal costs result in lower retail prices for consumers when reflected in final retail prices.

  • International competition is possible.

Many businesses are now international, but that does not mean they can compete on a large scale. Companies can compete in foreign markets through global brand recognition thanks to monopolies.

  • To build a monopoly, you need good products or services.

A business cannot declare an item monopolistic after creating it. People prefer Google over Bing or other search engines. The iPhone is a popular smartphone due to its features, design, and construction. It is impossible to maintain a monopoly without offering high-quality goods to the market.


  • By limiting competition, prices don't need to be lowered.

A monopoly will often save money internally, but not for its customers. Profit margins are increased by doing this. People will pay whatever it takes to have goods that are the only ones available on the market. Because of this, a profit margin of such a high level is possible.

  • Limits innovation.

A competitive product that is innovative and differentiated from existing products is the only way to effectively compete with a monopoly. The business with the monopoly has a monopoly, and therefore no one else has the same resources to draw upon as it for research and development. Competitive innovation is therefore limited. Business and market demands drive most innovation within that field.

  • Keeping quality is not necessary.

A monopoly can exist at any scale. In a local monopoly, maintaining quality may not be as important as in larger economies. Let's look at a local grocery store. If it is the only grocery store within 70 miles, people have no choice. Due to their customers' lack of choices, the store's owners don't need to spend money on maintenance or quality control.

  • Artificially manipulating scarcity is possible with output levels.

Prices rise when goods or services are scarce. When a business has a monopoly, it can artificially restrict the items that come to the market, creating scarcity based on its decisions. Consequently, prices naturally increase due to demand, so the monopolistic business can make more money.


What is Monopoly Live's biggest win?

The biggest multiplier ever recorded on this game was 6 400x on February 19th, 2020. In one round, 478 players won more than 4 million euros. The biggest individual win was 444 719€.

How to play Monopoly Live?

All you need to do is locate an online casino that offers Monopoly Live and place a wager. Some examples include 1xBet, PartyCasino, Campobet, etc. Game rules are easy to understand, so you won't need to spend time learning them.

How to win Monopoly Live?

You can't guarantee a win in Monopoly Live since it's a game of luck, after all. In general, it is better to bet on 2 and 10. If you want a better chance of winning, avoid fields with low RTPs (1 and 5).

Where to play Monopoly Live?

There are more than 100 online casinos that offer this game since it's provided by Evolution Gaming. There are many online casinos that offer Monopoly Live Casino games, such as 1xBet, PartyCasino, 1xbit, Cloudbet, Unibet, etc. You can search for Monopoly Live on the casino website by writing down Monopoly Live.

Can you play Monopoly Live on mobile?

Yes. There is no doubt that the Live Monopoly Game is very well optimized for mobile devices.

What is Monopoly Live house edge?

Monopoly Live RTP is equal to 96.23%. So, the house edge is 3.77%.

Is Monopoly Live considered a Live Casino game?

There is live broadcasting of the entire game in this game, and the dealer also acts as the game presenter. You can learn more about Live Casino online at our website.

What are the differences between Monopoly Live and Dream Catcher?

There is a money wheel in both of these games, which are produced by Evolution Gaming. Monopoly Live has a 3D Bonus Game which can be reached either if the wheel stops on 2 ROLLS or 4 ROLLS. The main differences are payouts, design, and also a 3D Bonus Game. 

Is there a Monopoly Live free play available?

Spectators are welcome to watch the game without making any wagers. Make sure you watch a couple of rounds before gambling with real money.

What are the Monopoly Live odds?

It depends on the bet you choose. When a bet is placed on 1, there is a 40% chance of winning, and the payout value would be 1:1 (or 2.00).